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SpaBEX by PQN Audio: The Ultimate Waterproof Audio Transducer

SpaBEX by PQN Audio: The Ultimate Waterproof Audio Transducer

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Experience Immersive Bath-Time Bliss with SpaBEX by PQN Audio: Your Ultimate Waterproof Audio Transducer

Install the SpaBEX and unleash 70Watts of audio enjoyment:. The SpaBEX Premium Waterproof Audio Transducer transforms Spas, baths, float tanks into a symphony of your favorite sounds. Install into your marine hull for a full wrap around audio projection

Key Features:

1. Waterproof Marvel: SpaBEX is engineered to thrive in wet environments. Its waterproof design ensures you enjoy Hi-Performance audio while you soak away stress in your bath or float tank.

2. Spa-Grade Audio: Premium Grade Audio: PQN Audio's expertise in innovation waterproof audio meets the expectations for audio excellence for a tranquil bath and spa experience

3. Transform Any Surface: . Simply attach it to the tub, tank, or any suitable surface, and let the magic unfold. Simply attach it to the tub, tank, or any suitable surface, for non-directional wrap around sound.

4. Sublime Tactile Experience: The SpaBEX not only delivers impeccable audio but also enriches your relaxation session with subtle vibrations that massage your senses.

5. Seamless Integration: Designed as a Hidden Sound Emitter: The SpaBEX mounts out of site. No mounting holes needed

6. Versatile Performance: Premium Audio Performance: The SpaBEX is designed to provide clean full range audio performance along with extended bass response

7. Marine-Grade Durability: PQN Durability: The SpaBEX provides durable construction for years of audio enjoyment



  • IP68 Certified waterproof
  • Premium Mounting Plate Included
  • OEM Spa Audio, Float Tank Audio, Bath Audio
  • Mounting Diameter:  3.5"
  • Mounting Depth:  2.25"
  • Max Power:  70 Watts
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Mounts to Directly Spa / Bath Shell / Float Tank
  • Hidden Installation for Saunas
  • Hi Temp Plastic Construction
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